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You communicate with the English world, closing deals, servicing existing clients and finding new ones. You do this through your command of "spoken" English. While we all make unnoticable mistakes speaking our native language, dealing in other tongues is more critical. The written word is trickier and more binding, because mistakes on the written page are visited again and again. Speaking with someone gives the opportunity to clear up any misunderstood word or phrase. Written language does not offer this. It must be right the first time, every time.

WORDWATCH.BIZ is able to understand what you mean to say with your English Presentation ( be it web pages, business correspondence, CV's, business profiles etc. ). We will check your written work and make suggestions that will transform it into the polished, English style that reflects the quality product you offer your global customers expect.

Contact WORDWATCH.BIZ with your English editing needs for a prompt, cost-effective solution.

 WORDWATCH.BIZ Proofreading

You have the latest software, working in five languages; the most comprehensive, reference books. Nevertheless, errors crop up in your presentations. Everyone is their own worst proof-reader.

WORDWATCH.BIZ quickly and efficiently proofs your work for those glaring mistakes that you and even the ( i.e. bets ) best "spell-checking" software miss. We provide you with that necessary second pair of eyes.

Contact WORDWATCH.BIZ with your English proofing needs for a prompt, cost-effective solution.

 WORDWATCH.BIZ Special Website Services

Web sites have a life of their own. They require constant change and improvement. Keeping track of these changes and ensuring that the English used is compatible with your goals and your customers expectations is a daunting task.

Let WORDWATCH.BIZ track your web site's changes on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis. WORDWATCH.BIZ will provide you the independent, honest inspection necessary to keep your web site internationally competitive.

Contact WORDWATCH.BIZ for a prompt, cost-effective solution to your web site's Global Market needs.

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